Hens parties can be a complicated affair. Finding a way to entertain your friends, old and new, along with your mum and grandma can be a difficult task. Luckily, we’ve created a list of our top 10 hens night ideas to help break the ice between all your party guests! Best of all, they’re all clean & classy hen party games.


clean & classy hens party games

1. The Groom Quiz

This one might take a bit of organising on the maid-of-honour’s behalf but it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. Before the party, send a list of questions about the couple’s relationship off to the groom and have him write his answers. Questions could be anything like “What is your favourite characteristic of the bachelorette’s?” or “Where was your favourite date?”. After collecting the groom’s answers, read the questions out loud at the hens party so the bride-to-be can share how she thinks her fiancé answered.

2. Prosecco Pong

Just because your Mum and Grandma are a bit older it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a nice glass of prosecco! Prosecco Pong puts a classy twist on and old party classic, making it the perfect option to inject a bit of fun into your hen’s party. Set up the table like you would for a normal game of beer pong, only using prosecco, and split the party into two teams. Each person will have a go at throwing their ball into the opposite triangle of cups and whoever successfully lands their ball in the cup wins that cup of prosecco!

3. Bingo!

This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser, especially for your older guests. Set up a grid of 4-6 squares and write a mixture of scenarios with one in each square. Scenarios could include anything from “Rachel mentions the wedding” to “somebody spills their wine” or anything that you think might happen at the hen’s party. The first person to call “Bingo!” wins.
This is a great option for those more competitive guests, and one that everyone can enjoy throughout the whole night.

4. Photo Booth

While it’s not technically a game, a photo booth will definitely add an element of clean and classy fun to your hen’s party! These days, many photo booths come with inclusive decorations or costumes meaning you can really embrace your silly side! This is the perfect option to make sure Mum and grandma have a great time. You can all get some memorable pictures together as well.

5. Balloon Questions

Not for those with a fear of loud noises, this game involves all the guests writing down a question and placing it inside a balloon. Questions can include anything your heart desires, meaning these questions could go from tame to extremely embarrassing for the bride-to-be in an instant. Who knows, this one might bring out a side to grandma you’ve never seen before!

6. Pictionary

This one might sound a little bit boring, but could quickly become one of the highlights of your hen’s party. With heaps of Pictionary sets available made specifically for hen’s parties, you can choose between clean, mixed or explicit cards. Depending on your relationship with your mum, grandma or even your mother-in-law, make sure you choose your cards wisely!

7. Life Drawing

Life drawing is a sophisticated activity perfect for ladies of all ages to enjoy! Whether you go to one of the many classes around Melbourne or indulge in our Nude Life Drawing Packages, this activity is sure to entertain guests of all ages. You’ll get some nice new art work out of it as well.

8. Wine Tasting

Who says you can’t have fun and be classy at the same time? Wine tasting is an activity that all your guests, whether they’re your best friends from uni or your mum and grandma, are sure to enjoy. Turn it into a game by covering the label and having each of your guests guess what type of wine each bottle is, and voting on their favourite. Whoever guesses the most right by the end wins their favourite bottle!

9. The Present Game

A staple for any hen’s party, the present game involves each guest bringing a gift for the bride that reminds them of their friendship then having the bride guess who each gift is from. This is the perfect option for those bride-to-be’s with a sentimental mum. She’ll love this game!

10. Who’s Who?

See how well the bride-to-be really knows her guests! Have everyone write down a fact about themselves on a piece of paper and the bride has to choose who she thinks wrote each one. If she gets it wrong she has to take a shot. If she gets it right, the person who wrote it takes a shot.

With these top 10 clean & classy hen party games ideas Melbourne hens party you don’t have to worry about your guests ever getting bored!