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If you want a hen’s night to remember, then look no further than our handsome hunks! We have the best venues on offer, with tailored packages to suit any need and desire your hen may have.

Why Hunks 4 Hens?

You’ve just been appointed as the Maid of Honour and it’s up to you to plan the perfect Hen’s Night. Don’t worry, Hunks 4 Hens is here to help! We can organise transport, drinks, food, entertainment, invites and a venue that’ll make you look like the ultimate party planner. We make sure you stick to what your bride will love throughout the whole night.


What to consider!

There are a variety of factors to consider when planning a Hen’s Night, but the most important thought should be about what the bride wants! If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, then scroll through our packages and blog for some inspiration!

Who is the Bride?

Is the bride a quiet and reserved person, or maybe she’s loud and outgoing? Either way, her personality will play a big role in the type of package you choose. It can be hard to please both the Hen and her group sometimes, but as the Maid of Honour it is your job to ensure she is comfortable and happy with the choices you make for her special day with her friends!
We can offer recommendations for the type of package, topless waiter and stripper would best be suited to your group!

Who is coming?

Does the bride have a large group of friends or maybe all her sisters and cousins will be part of her bachelorette party? Finding a package that caters for both small and large numbers will make it easier for you to plan the night. A per person rate can also help with the organisation of the party. Visit our packages page to see prices.

How much can the Bride handle?

Alcohol is often the centre of most celebrations, especially Hen’s Nights! If you’re planning to start the party early in the morning, it’s important to consider when alcohol should start being consumed. We want our hens and her friends to remember their time with us, so ensure you know how much your bride and her friends can handle.


Hunks 4 Hens has a variety of packages to suit any budget!

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