Topless Waiters

Topless waiters melbourne
Topless waiters melbourne

Our topless waiters are the perfect complement to your hens night in Melbourne. They bring the full package – cheeky charm, rugged good looks and muscles, upon muscles upon muscles. They don’t just serve drinks and stand there looking pretty, they also bring the fun.

If you want someone to lead a cheeky game, get the dance floor going or just ramp up the drinking they know how to do it. We’ve picked these boys because they know how to dance, and they know how to party. They’ll get everyone on their worst behaviour, and you’ll see a different side of some girls you’ve known for a long time.

On top of all that, they’re incredible waiters. They can mix delicious cocktails, and you’ve never seen anyone pour drinks as fast as they can. You can even drink straight from their chiselled abs if you like!

You’ll appreciate how perceptive our boys are. They know how to create the mood you’re looking for. Nothing is ever forced, and everyone will feel comfortable throughout the entire party.

Ladies of Melbourne! Are you ready? The hottest guys in town are ready and raring to please you and tend to your every need. The night is young, and the handsome hunks are waiting to serve your drinks and nibbles, because tonight ladies, is your night.  

It’s almost time to tie the wedding knot with the one you love, but before you do, why not go out with a bang and have a sizzling hen do with some gorgeous men, wearing nothing but a bowtie and pair of snug black pants. When you invite a topless waiter to your party, the fun really starts and the drinks just won’t stop flowing.

These boys are the creme-de-la-creme and are as gorgeous in the flesh as you see on-screen and because they have been chosen especially for you, they will fulfil all of your hen party wishes. They are prompt, professional and very well preened from head to toe, and my goodness, they are ready to go.  They really are the complete package.

Voted Australia’s best party planners 5 years in a row, Hunks 4 Hens can help you organise it all. Whether your budget or group size is large or small, we can help you from your first ideas to the unfolding of the night itself, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.


Our Topless Waiters are not only charming and talented, they are also fun, fit and super friendly! We don’t just choose gym junkie guys with no personality to work with us, our guys are carefully selected because they are the best in the industry!. They light up a room when they walk in, not only because of their handsome looks, but because they are super friendly! You can check out all our Hens Party Packages here!

What can I expect from my topless waiter?

Once you have decided on your venue and what kind of evening you’d like, it’s time for the main event!

The topless bartender or barmen of your choice will contact you via text or call to let you know he’s on his way before arriving in style. The topless bartender or barmen of your choice will contact you via text or call to let you know he’s on his way before arriving in style.

Then it’s time to sit back and relax; this is your night after all. Leave the boys to do their thing. Watch them as they strut their stuff, serving you food and drink all night long. 

These helpful hunks have it all. Undeniable good looks, layer upon layer of hardcore muscles and a certain charisma to have you smiling from the moment they walk in. But, oh no, that’s not all! Their personalities and their sizzling skills of perception and dedication will indulge each one of your requests perfectly. 

 The lovely lads will even help you to tidy up afterwards…no really, they will!

What will the topless barmen bring with him to make the party fun?

Along with their devilishly good looks and undeniable charm, these boys are brimming with cheeky chat and smooth moves. Whilst entertaining you, they will also whip up some delicious cocktails and if you’re lucky, they may let you drink from their rock hard abs. They know they’ve got what you want, and boy do they show it. 

But that’s not all – the lads have games to suit any party. 

If you’re after something spicy and hilariously naughty game of truth or dare would be perfect, or maybe ask for a lap dance from the luscious lad. 

Or if you fancy something a little less raunchy,  how about a game of guess what? All manner of items are hidden inside a bag and with only your sense of touch, you just decide what it is. Is it a banana….or something else?

Can I request which topless bartenders I want?

Once you have decided you would like a team of dreamboats to serve you all night and to respond to your every whim, it’s time to enquire. A team member will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your perfect hen party package, from your budget to your wishes for the evening and everything in between. The packages are flexible, so if there is something extra you would like, don’t hesitate to ask.

When it comes to the dishy men, we have a wide selection of boys to choose from, just scroll down and you will see we have a selection of all shapes and sizes, personalities and approaches. All to suit your taste. So choose what you would like, my dear. If it’s tall and dark you’re after, we have that. If a tradie ticks your boxes, we have that, and if it’s a man in uniform that makes your blood rush….well, I’m sure we have that too. 

But don’t be put off if you fancy something a little calmer. Whether you’re up for a loud party or prefer a quieter time, there are hunks for all. Our boys love a party but are also incredibly respectful and super friendly and just want you to be comfortable throughout the whole party. Underneath the rugged looks and smooth body, the gorgeous guys are the perfect gentlemen and want to make your experience fun and one to remember for all the right reasons.

For a fabulously fun bachelorette party that will blow your mind, a team of topless barmen will be the cherry on the cake. Hunks 4 Hens takes the stress out of planning whilst still allowing you to make all the decisions.

What else do I need to know?

If you’re unsure whether the men are as dishy in real life as they are in the pictures, be fully reassured. Not only are they as good as in the photos, but they’re also hotter, hunkier and definitely more fun.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect spot to host your party, we can help you out. When you enquire, ask about the venues we can recommend for your hunk to strut his stuff. If you live outside of the city and in a more rural area but would like the lovely lads to come to you, this is still a possibility.  For a small extra fee, the boys can travel almost anywhere in Melbourne, and you can still have the party you deserve.

If there is anything else you quite fancy adding to your evening, talk to the Hunk 4 Hens team. We can help you organise and customise any package on the budget you have, so don’t be afraid to ask. 

So what are you waiting for? These are the best hen party packages in Melbourne. Decide what you’d like your package to include, and don’t delay. The handsome heartthrobs are waiting to treat you to the wicked and wild night you deserve.