Topless Waiters

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Our topless waiters are the perfect complement to your hen's night in Melbourne. They bring the full package - cheeky charm, rugged good looks and muscles, upon muscles upon muscles. They don't just serve drinks and stand there looking pretty, they also bring the fun.

If you want someone to lead a cheeky game, get the dancefloor going or just ramp up the drinking they know how to do it. We’ve picked these boys because they know how to dance, and they know how to party. They’ll get everyone on their worst behaviour, and you’ll see a different side of some girls you’ve known for a long time.

On top of all that, they're incredible waiters. They can mix delicious cocktails, and you've never seen anyone pour drinks as fast as they can. You can even drink straight from their chiselled abs if you like!

You’ll appreciate how perceptive our boys are. They know how to create the mood you’re looking for. Nothing is ever forced, and everyone will feel comfortable throughout the entire party.

Our Topless Waiters

Our Topless Waiters are not only charming and talented, they are also fun, fit and super friendly! We don’t just choose gym junkie guys with no personality to work with us, our Topless Waiters are carefully selected because they are the best in the industry!. They light up a room when they walk in, not only because of their handsome looks, but because they are super friendly! You can check out all our Hens Party Packages here!

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