Private Home Visits

If you just can’t find the perfect venue for your hen’s night in Melbourne, maybe it’s right under your nose? Our topless waiters, male strippers and hen’s packages can all be brought right to your door.

You can customise the experience as much as you like. You can organise just strippers, just waiters, both or a full hen’s party package. We are here to take the planning out of your hands while making sure the event is exactly how you want it to be.

No matter what you go for, you can be sure of one thing – an experience you won’t forget. We’ll turn your home into a classy hen’s party venue, and make sure everything is taken care of.

Home visits can be even more fun than going out for the party. There are no rules at home. Anything goes. Just think about what you could get up you when there are no closing times, or anyone telling you what to do. Trust us, things can get very naughty very quickly.

The best part about our home visit service is that we send out boys that are so much more than a pretty face. They are incredible entertainers, who know how to pick up on the mood of the party and lead it in the right direction. There’s nothing worse than forced fun, and you’ll never get that with Hen’s Party Packages Melbourne.

Our Home Visit Services

waiters and sparklingWe offer a huge range of home visit services:

  • Male Strippers: Our male strippers are the best in the business. They have performed in the world famous Magic Men shows, and their dance and performance skills are as incredible as their bodies. They offer something beyond a strip show, they offer a spectacle. The girls will never forget this experience, and the hen will be showered with attention.
  • Topless Waiters: A hen’s night or party is a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t waste time pouring drinks or handing out food. Get some chiselled boys to do it for you! They can mix cocktails, pour shots, dance, entertain and do everything in between. They’re more than just service staff, they really know how to get the party started and keep it going into the wee hours.

Create Your Dream Hen’s Experience Today

Getting one of our hunky boys around to your house couldn’t be easier. Just: